Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25 2015

Iron Horse BBQ manufacturer Pro Weld wishes BBQ-lovers and Black-Friday shoppers a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The holiday season is time to turn up the heat and serve up tasty BBQed turkey, ham, lamb and harvest foods.

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld shipping to Maltby Pizza & Pasta

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to throw delicious stuffed turkeys in the Iron Horse or Iron Pony smoker ovens for moist meats!

Bring your best turkey recipes to light this season, or simply adapt the popular “HomeStyle Turkey, the Michigander Way” hitting Thanksgiving parties like yummy sweet potato casserole hot our of the oven!

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey? See this interesting Thanksgiving history lesson provided by Time Magazine.


Whole Hog BBQ Roasting at it’s Finest

Jun 10 2015

This newly designed Cattleman’s Grill is hitting the BBQ outdoor competitions, rental stores and backyards.  For the avid lamb or chicken roaster, this outdoor grill is an economical piece of equipment to have! Even BBQ rental companies are ordering them hot off the Pro Weld fabrication floor due to the quick ROI and size, clean-up custom color options.

The below whole hog roaster allowed this local Rogue Valley realtor and “hobby chef / caterer” to serve up this rotisserie style whole pig on the Cattleman’s grills for his real estate clients (turned friends) and his wife’s YMCA workout clients.

Give us a call for pricing, availability and colors today!

Roast half a dozen whole chicken or a whole lamb in place of the whole pig

Whole HOG on the Cattleman’s BBQ Grill

Cattleman's Whole HOG on BBQ CHARCOAL Grill_WEB

Roasted Pork Butt on Outdoor Rotisserie Grill

Cattleman's Whole HOG BBQ CHARCOAL_WEB

Cattleman's Whole HOG BBQ CHARCOAL LIT_WEB Get the charcoal red hot before setting them in the outdoor rotisserie grill tray

Cattleman's Whole HOG BBQ Cast Iron Pots to Retain Moisture

Cast iron pots filled with water to regulate the rotisserie temperature. The water allows the whole hog to roast for 8+ hours without loosing its succulent moist roasted BBQ flavors as it cooks.

Cattleman's Whole HOG BBQ GOLDEN roast on the Cattleman's outdoor rotisserie grill.

A simple olive oil spray down as the whole hog rotates on the rotisserie spit above the grill section. Spraying the whole pig skin with olive oil which will prevent burned pig skin, and create a golden brown look.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Santa Fe Style BBQ Grill (Pig Roasting)

May 28 2015

Father’s Day is only 23 days away (on  Sunday, 21 June 2015)! Why not surprise him with the IDEAL backyard and catering grill for the ultimate outdoor Father’s Day BBQ experience? The “Standard” Cattleman’s BBQ Grill has can hold a 100 lbs whole pig, for those tailgating, catering and chef type fathers.

Hog Roaster and BBQ

Pig Roaster and BBQ Grill with adjustable grilling height – unique Father’s Day gift idea! This American BBQ Grill lover poses in front of his back porch, pig-roaster BBQ grill.

This hand-made, adjustable grill surface BBQ with the option of a pig roaster is only $1,695 (with rotisserie but the custom canopy is not included).

The Pro Weld fabrication shop smoke their local and national BBQ competitors with pricing, quality and production times.

“Each backyard pig roaster takes 2-3 weeks to create from a flat piece of metal” says Jim Oberlander, co-owner of Iron Horse BBQ the manufacturing, a former subsidiary of Pro Weld fabrication and welding company in Medford, Oregon.  “It’s exciting to see caters, backyard private chefs and restaurants hungry for this pig roaster – Santa Fe style grill.”

In 2008 the Oberlander team sold their first BBQ internationally. In 2015 alone, a set of Cattleman’s BBQ (hog roasters) shipped to the Bahamas to beef up the “bungalow beach bar and grill” areas at the at Baha Mar in the SLS Hotel .


Cattleman’s BBQ Grills for Utah Caterers

May 19 2015


Utah Cattleman’s BBQ Grill Shipping Soon!

May 15 2015

Foodies are licking their chops at the sight of these two Santa Fe Cattleman’s BBQ Grills. Pro Weld of the Medford, Oregon area fabricated these commerical BBQ grills to meet cook up a happening party this summer! These BBQs offer a smoking way to grill juicy pork ribs, marinated beef brisket.

The Cattleman’s grill is the ideal for ROI BBQing machine for the 2015 summer season. According to Forbes 150 million hot dogs are consumed during the 4th of July! Such an American tradition will be no problem with these BBQs, and an super easy way to get into the green. Remember there are only 49 days away – so for tradition’s sake – put your BBQ orders in now!

Santa Fe Style BBQ Grills displayed in Pro Weld Fabrication Shop

Santa Fe Style BBQ Grills displayed in Pro Weld Fabrication Shop

XXL Cattleman's BBQ Grill showing 5-11-1/4" Stainless Steel Grilling Sections - Back Side near BBQ Ashtray

XXL Cattleman’s BBQ Grill showing 5-11-1/4″ Stainless Steel Grilling Sections – Back Side near BBQ Ashtray

Santa Fe Style BBQ Grills near Shear in the Medford Oregon Fabrication Shop (Pro Weld)

Santa Fe Style BBQ Grills near Shear in the Medford Oregon Fabrication Shop (Pro Weld)

BBQ Shipping to Utah for 2015 Summer Grilling Season

Fabrication shop builds custom BBQ Grill per order

BBQ Catering hits the next level with these grills

Cattleman’s BBQ Grills come in Regular, XL and XXL for the serious foodie BBQ Caterer







Impromptu Cattleman’s BBQ Grills – Santa Fe Style

Cattleman’s BBQ Grill New Steel Feature Gallery

Mar 7 2015

Cattleman’s BBQ Grill Got You Covered

Mar 7 2015

Cattleman’s BBQ Grill is now offering a removable BBQ canopy option for the serious BBQ chef. This steel BBQ canopy protects the cook from barbecue events in the sun and rain. This attractive powder-coated feature is customizable with color options.  Choose to color match your Santa Fe BBQ flywheel with the BBQ canopy or mix-and-match for BBQ personalization.

Personalize your Cattleman's BBQ Grill with matching Argentine Grill and steel canopy

Personalize your Cattleman’s BBQ Grill with matching Santa Fe BBQ Grill and BBQ steel canopy

Argentine Flywheel

Choose a custom-color for the Argentine flywheel

Find the BBQ Grill at the Catersource March 10-11 in Las Vegas! See our 22-second view of the Cattleman’s BBQ Grill with matching BBQ steel canopy and Santa Fe BBQ Flywheel at on Youtube.

Call your BBQ Experts today for shipping prices, BBQ options and BBQ menus!

1-877-BBQ-TRAIN (Local: 541-826-3453)

Santa Claus Delivers Grill to Opportunity Village

Dec 20 2014

Santa Claus arrived for Opportunity Village in Las Vegas! The Crew at Iron Horse BBQ gladly turned over this custom built grill to the great people within this non-profit. This BBQ Grill has a custom barbeque pizza oven enclosed in the back, and is fueled by infrared propane burners.

Its classy red, and smokin’ capacity has been the talk of the Village and a quick way to generate ROI on this commercial grill. The first to be grilled were cavemen-sized turkey legs which sold out within an hour. The attendees of this year’s “Magical Forest” were the first to benefit from this privately donated grill. The future for this one of a kind barbeque grill is endless in the tourist city of Las Vegas.

Whether it be Opportunity Village’s winter festivals, or the numerous events, charity gatherings or celebrity appearance, this BBQ will continue to impress and draw crowds with its looks and smokey BBQ flavors as they pour from the grill. BBQ Arrives at Opportunity Village Iron Horse BBQ Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom made BBQ Grill was delivered to the Magical Forest.

Custom made BBQ Grill was delivered to the Magical Forest.


Iron Horse BBQ Grill welcomes Opportunity Village to the Family!

Iron Horse BBQ Grill welcomes Opportunity Village to the Family! Jim, Penny and Tanna Oberlander present this beautiful BBQ to the non-profit.

Crowd waits whilie passenger train rolls by just a mins from the BBQ Grill Train

Crowd waits whilie passenger train rolls by just a few mins from the BBQ Grill Train

These infrared burners will barbeque time in half!

Infrared is a hotter, faster way to BBQ grill on the Iron Horse BBQ Grill.

Santa Claus is Coming to Opportunity Village!

Dec 11 2014

We are pleased to welcome Opportunity Village to the Iron Horse BBQ family this month! There are a multitude of reasons for this celebration; at the top of the list is the heart behind the organization. We commend Opportunity Village for making an enormous impact on the lives of so many with intellectual disabilities. This non-profit is recognized as one of the “top FIVE rehabilitation service providers in the U.S.” by the Social Security Administration.

With only 14 days until Christmas, Santa will be arriving early in Las Vegas to Opportunity Village. This classic red commercial grill is the perfect fit for this organization which demonstrates the warm cheer of Christmas year-round. The BBQ Grill will make its debut in the “Magical Forest” which is a Christmas themed wonderland. In this themed village, there is an “Express Passenger Train,” with hundreds of spectacularly decorated trees and entertainment available for all ages! For more on this special event, see their page here.

The Magical Forest annually draws some 75K attendees. It was captured by Discovery Network, and NTV Japan. This seasonal event has been labeled one of the “Top Holiday Destinations” for HGTV! In the midst of celebrating Opportunity Village’s 60th anniversary, this non-profit is introducing this western themed barbeque to promote, facilitate and cater to charity events. This dazzling red hot grill has a powerful presence and performance.

These images were taken early on in production of sanding and welding the raw metals.

These images were taken early on in production of sanding and welding the raw metals.


The BBQ has been custom-fabricated and is proudly “Made in America.” The BBQ grill is a perfect match for the $136 million dollar goal set out this year by Opportunity Village. The goal encompasses three expansion initiatives. The BBQ grill will fuel new interest while facilitating food demands during numerous events. First to hit the grill will be Opportunity Village’s signature chicken legs, for which we can all be thankful!