Santa Claus is Coming to Opportunity Village!

We are pleased to welcome Opportunity Village to the Iron Horse BBQ family this month! There are a multitude of reasons for this celebration; at the top of the list is the heart behind the organization. We commend Opportunity Village for making an enormous impact on the lives of so many with intellectual disabilities. This non-profit is recognized as one of the “top FIVE rehabilitation service providers in the U.S.” by the Social Security Administration.

With only 14 days until Christmas, Santa will be arriving early in Las Vegas to Opportunity Village. This classic red commercial grill is the perfect fit for this organization which demonstrates the warm cheer of Christmas year-round. The BBQ Grill will make its debut in the “Magical Forest” which is a Christmas themed wonderland. In this themed village, there is an “Express Passenger Train,” with hundreds of spectacularly decorated trees and entertainment available for all ages! For more on this special event, see their page here.

The Magical Forest annually draws some 75K attendees. It was captured by Discovery Network, and NTV Japan. This seasonal event has been labeled one of the “Top Holiday Destinations” for HGTV! In the midst of celebrating Opportunity Village’s 60th anniversary, this non-profit is introducing this western themed barbeque to promote, facilitate and cater to charity events. This dazzling red hot grill has a powerful presence and performance.

These images were taken early on in production of sanding and welding the raw metals.

These images were taken early on in production of sanding and welding the raw metals.


The BBQ has been custom-fabricated and is proudly “Made in America.” The BBQ grill is a perfect match for the $136 million dollar goal set out this year by Opportunity Village. The goal encompasses three expansion initiatives. The BBQ grill will fuel new interest while facilitating food demands during numerous events. First to hit the grill will be Opportunity Village’s signature chicken legs, for which we can all be thankful!