Happy Thanksgiving!

Iron Horse BBQ manufacturer Pro Weld wishes BBQ-lovers and Black-Friday shoppers a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The holiday season is time to turn up the heat and serve up tasty BBQed turkey, ham, lamb and harvest foods.

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld shipping to Maltby Pizza & Pasta

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to throw delicious stuffed turkeys in the Iron Horse or Iron Pony smoker ovens for moist meats!

Bring your best turkey recipes to light this season, or simply adapt the popular “HomeStyle Turkey, the Michigander Way” hitting Thanksgiving parties like yummy sweet potato casserole hot our of the oven!

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey? See this interesting Thanksgiving history lesson provided by Time Magazine.