All New Iron Pony BBQ

Two-thirds the size. Still feature packed.

Available in 100% infrared propane or 100% traditional charcoal grill, this barbeque is bound to make heads turn. With over 6.5 square feet of grilling space and a multi-layer pizza rack in back, you’ll be able to able to feed everyone.

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Engineer A Memorable Event

For those hungry for an award-winning way to cater, the Iron Horse™ BBQ combines sleek allure with powerful performance and drives its owners into the public eye.

Iron Horse BBQ, Inc. manufactures 100% American-made custom-built commercial barbecues, which grill large amounts of tasty foods and draws crowds to their owners. Our mission is to provide caterers, rental stores, amusement parks and entrepreneurs the Iron Horse BBQ to Engineer Memorable Events all the while giving owners a reason to join the excitement as they utilize the American novelty.


Iron Horse BBQ

The original barbeque with 15 square feet of grilling space, lazy-suzan warming chamber and four pull out burners. Available in: charcoal, propane/infrared, or 50/50

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Iron Pony BBQ

Little brother to the Iron Horse, this barbeque is small enough to be towed by most vehicles yet still maintains ample grilling space. Available in: charcoal or propane/infrared

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We searched for something eye-catching to use for fundraising for 5,000 people. Once we saw the BBQs, we had to purchase multiples.

Private Investor & Humane Society Contributor - Panama

When you run an amusement park, you’re always looking for something new, we figured the Iron Horse would both be a drawing point and a landmark. I used to rent charcoal barbecues and they are nowhere near the craftsmanship or presentation the Iron Horse is.

Jim Kenney - Meza, Arizona


We were drawn by its unique theme and superior craftsmanship. Guests are constantly asking questions about it. The BBQ is stationed at our Depot Grill where we offer barbeque pulled pork, fresh grilled chicken quarters and smoked sausage. During off season, we use the grill at Dollywood to support our Barbeque, Bluegrass Festival, and Fall Harvest Festivals.

Gary Nichols (Revenue Manager) - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


It’s not just another grill….. It is adorable- a real head turner and most importantly it’s a marketing tool.

Meier’s Catering - Salt Lake, Utah

Where are they now?

Check out the locator map to see where in the world Iron Horse BBQs can be found.

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