Cooking & Cleaning

What makes Iron Horse different from other commercial grills currently on the market?

Each Iron Horse BBQ is crafted with the careful attention to detail that only experienced, fully certified welders can deliver. We use a thicker, more durable metal stock (1/8″ high-strength A656 Grade 70, ASTM A36 steel and stainless steel), for the body, grill and warming racks to add not only stability, but also years of product life. Moreover, unlike most commercial grills, this grill is designed for easy transportation and use.

What is the advantage of buying an Iron Horse?

There are unparalleled advantages to owning an Iron Horse. Millions of cooks use ordinary barbecues around the world, but there is only one barbecue that can boast of its powerful performance and presentation. What other barbecue can draw enormous crowds, serve as a conversation piece and ensure that everyone walks away satisfied?

How did the first Iron Horse form?

Jim Oberlander, a master fabricator and inventor, began his day facilitating his customer’s needs listening and developing projects. Little did he know what within five weeks the idea for the Iron Horse would be born. As the customer’s commercial barbeque was towed from the shop, Jim’s wife, Penny, envisioned a train.

After years of R&D, the BBQ trailer morphed into the first Iron Horse BBQ Train. the barbeque invites the old and new to enjoy a taste of history.

Can I make payments?

Iron Horse BBQ, Inc. does not accept payments outside the 50% down, and remaining 50% due upon completion. However, there are many payment options through Paramount, our favored financing company. Contact us at 877.BBQ.Train

Which credit cards or payments types are accepted?

We accept the following major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard and VISA. In addition, Pay Pal and checks are available for qualifying customers. In order to complete the purchase, a customer service representative will call to verify the account information before the card is charged. Once the card is charged, the representative will give you a traceable confirmation number.

How long will it take to receive an Iron Horse BBQ?

The production schedule is set for 8-10 weeks, but can fluctuate based on quantity orders. Keep in mind that each Iron Horse is custom built to suit your needs!

Do I need a special license or license plate for my Iron Horse?

Owners of the Iron Horse will only need to hold a valid state license to drive the Iron Horse. The Oregon State Law requires a license plate for vehicles exceeding 2,200 lbs. Oregon residents will need a license for the Iron Horse. If you live outside of Oregon, you will need to consult the state DMV for requirements.

How easy is the Iron Horse to tow?

Towing the Iron Horse is super-easy. We have specifically designed each dimension of the Iron Horse to be user friendly, without the fear of accidents. With its specially rated axels and radial tires, you can confidently sport your Iron Horse to and from events. All that is needed is a small SUV or pick up and you have a party on wheels.

*See your vehicle weight rating to determine your vehicle capacity.*

What kind of finish is standard on the Iron Horse BBQ?

A high-temperature, powder-coat finish is applied to the exterior surfaces to protect the unit from the elements for years to come. With a minimum of cleaning maintenance, the Iron Horse will look as colorful and bright for more than ten years.

Does it have auxiliary cooking burners?

There are two 30,000 BTU burners located in the swing-out door on both sides of the unit. Propane tanks easily attach once the doors are open and in a locked position. Each of the four burners can accommodate two-16 gallon pot.

Is the Iron Horse easy to clean?

The special powder coated-stainless steel grills and racks can be quickly power washed. The pullout ash containers, and open design of the unit make it easy to keep clean and sanitary.

What is the cooking capacity of the Iron Horse?

When fully loaded with briquettes, you can expect a 4 to 6 hour burn time. Each side of the grilling area holds approximately 24 lbs of briquettes. The number of people it serves depends on the type of food, and number of cooks. In our field tests, chefs easily cooked 104 (41/2″) hamburger patties at one time and fed 300 people in an hour.