Iron Horse Towable BBQ Grill BBQ

The original Iron Horse BBQ grill with 15 square feet of BBQ grilling space, lazy-susan BBQ warming compartment and four pull out BBQ burners. This grill allows for easy towing and transportation before cooking.

Available Mobile BBQ models :

Infrared BBQ Grill: 100% Complete Infrared Propane BBQ (Towable)

50 / 50 BBQ Grill: One half charcoal BBQ, one half infrared BBQ (Towable)

Charcoal BBQ Grill: 100% Charcoal BBQ Grill (Towable)

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Spacious BBQ BBQ Grilling Area

With its 15 Sq. Ft. BBQ grilling area, you are sure to pump out enough food for any BBQ tailgating, reunion or company barbeque party. These removable stainless steel BBQ rods are easy to clean an ideal for small or BBQ large events.

Three BBQ grilling options: Charcoal BBQ, Propane/Infrared BBQ, or 50/50 BBQ model.

Infrared BBQ ceramic grill tiles burn hot and even for a superior BBQ grilling event

Technical BBQ Details
Length 12' 10"
Width 5'
Height 7' 3"
Tongue Weight 200 lbs.
Finish High heat resistant powder coat
Storage 9 cu. ft. enclosed
Gauges 6 temp to 800°
Tanks 2, 7 gallon propane
Materials Grade A656 and 836 high strength steel
Options Custom color, logo,
gas or charcoal model and accessories

Iron Horse BBQ catering at a dinner party

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