Iron Pony BBQ Grill American-Made American BBQ

Little brother to the Iron Horse BBQ Grill, this barbecue is small enough to be towed by most vehicles yet still maintains ample grilling space. Fire-up the barbie and watch the crowd gather. The Iron Pony BBQ Grill is manufactured with a unique green grilling feature for a delightful cooking experience. The Iron Pony BBQ Grill is built with innovative infrared BBQ technology utilizing energy traveling at the speed of light.

Talk about a SMOKIN’ BBQ Grill!

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Two sided 27" x 36" 3/8" round stainless steel bars features a large cooking capacity for quick turnaround.

Infrared BBQ Grilling

State-of-the-art BBQ grilling with infrared technology creates BBQ food grilled to perfection. Energy traveling at the speed of light through the BBQ utilizes efficient cooking with the highest amount of moisture retention.

Do you prefer the time-tested traditional grilling experience of BBQ charcoal? The Iron Pony BBQ Grill can also be manufactured with as 50/50 charcoal BBQ and infrared BBQ or 100% charcoal BBQ.

Four 26" x 26" racks make pizza baking painless.

Technical BBQ Details
Length 9'1"
Width 4'6"
Height 6'
Tongue Weight 150 lbs.
Finish Powder coat & chrome
Storage Utensil rack
Gauges 4 temp to 600°
Tank 1, 7 gal. Propane
Materials High strength 607 steels
Stainless steel 308/316
Options Custom color, logo,
gas or charcoal BBQ model and BBQ accessories.

Personalized business logo displayed on the back to fit your advertisement needs.

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Call Us Today: 1-877-BBQ-TRAIN


Call Us Today: 1-877-BBQ-TRAIN