Innovation in Our Current Business World

Mar 11 2016

Innovation in Our Current Business World

Whether you are starting a small catering company or running large corporation innovation is a key component to success.

Iron Horse BBQ shows the innovation of their at Catersource

Iron Horse BBQ showing the innovation of their grills at Catersource last year

As Seth Godin put it, “This notion that it is up to each person to innovate in some way flies in the face of the industrial age, but you know what, the industrial age is over”.  We are in a business environment where you must innovate to stay relevant.  Blockbuster failed to adapt when Netflix came into the picture with their online streaming.  Amazon is innovating currently by starting to have 1 hour delivery, and they have stolen market share from other companies by the use of other innovations.  The list goes on and on when it comes to businesses that have used innovation to not only grow, but also just stay relevant.

Innovation does not always have to be big to help your company grow.  It could be something as little as having a new recipe, or bringing in business with an Iron Horse BBQ Grill that catches the eye. 

Catersource is in 2 days, so remember to stop by the Iron Horse BBQ booth or contact us!  Our grills are produced by Pro Weld, a high quality industrial fabrication shop.

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5 Helpful Networking Tips For Caterers

Feb 26 2016


Networking is an important part of any small business

Networking is an important part of any small business in the Medford, Oregon area.

5 Helpful Networking Tips For Caterers

Catersource can give you the chance to meet other event and catering professionals from the Medford, Oregon area.  There are going to be over 7,000 professionals from the industry at this one event.  Meeting new people and networking is a necessity as a small business owner.  Here are 5 helpful tips on how you can become better at networking with Catersource only 15 days away:   

  1. When networking try to find interests that you have in common with the person you are talking to. This should be easy at an event like Catersource since you are working in the same field.
  2. Just like any other skill that you try to improve practice makes perfect, so be ready to make mistakes, and learn from them. The more you network with other professionals the more natural these interactions will feel.
  3. Create a unique business card that will leave everyone you interact with remembering who you are.  The typical boring business card often gets lost and forgotten, so try to stand out from the crowd!
  4. Remember that networking is not about making a sale, but rather building a professional relationship.  With this in mind, try to get people involved in a conversation through listening and asking questions that show your interest in what they have to say.
  5. If you want to keep a connection with someone contact them within a few days of your interaction.  This will insure that they do not forget who you are by the time you decide to get back in touch with them.

All of us at Iron Horse BBQ and Pro Weld hope that these tips were helpful for you, and hope to see you at Catersource!

Remember to drop by the Iron Horse BBQ Booth at Catersource, or contact us through:

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5 Important Tips for Starting a Catering Company

Feb 8 2016

5 Important Tips for Starting a Catering Company

With Catersource only 33 days away we thought it would be helpful for anyone that is starting their own catering company, or those that are just starting in the industry recently, if we gave you 5 important tips that can put you on the path to starting a successful catering company:

1)Remember to always stay calm, this will not only help you stay efficient, but it will also keep the stress from rubbing off on your clients.

Organization is not only important in creating beautiful table settings, but during the whole process of putting together events.

Organization is both important when creating beautiful table settings and planning events.

2) Celebrate every accomplishment that your company has, even the small ones, it will help you stay positive when the job gets hard.

3) Get a niche for your company, this could be anything from having a specialty dish that you make to owning an Iron Horse BBQ that draws crowds for being unique.

4) Don’t be afraid to be social, whether you are at Catersource talking to other professionals or you are grilling up steaks for a party be outgoing and make some new connections!

Iron Pony BBQ Grill Surface Area Shot

The grilling space on the Iron Pony BBQ Grill is large enough for all of your catering needs!

5) Always plan ahead for events, this plan should include a list of everything you need to bring, there is nothing worse for a caterer than noticing you forgot an important item.

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